Automatic CPAP (Auto CPAP - APAP)

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What is an  Auto CPAP (APAP) Machine?

An APAP machine is a device used to treat Sleep Apnea that automatically adjusts therapy pressure on a breath-by-breath basis. APAP machines are different from CPAP machines because they can operate at any pressure range between 4 - 20, while a CPAP machine operates at one set pressure.

Benefits of an APAP Machine?

APAP machines have many benefits over CPAP machines. One benefit is that they're more comfortable for users because they choose the lowest possible pressure needed to open a blocked airway. CPAP machines use the same pressure all the time, whether it’s too low, just right or too high.

When using APAP machines regularly you can:

Experience benefits such as better sleep, more energy, and less fatigue and drowsiness. Using an APAP machine regularly can mean improved health, and better quality sleep. When you make the switch to an APAP, you’ll see why many prefer them over CPAPs.

Proponents of the auto-adjusting CPAP machine suggest the automatic pressure adjustments lead to more effective Obstructive Sleep Apnea therapy.  The auto-adjusting process ensures the minimum amount of pressure is provided leading to less apnea and hypopnea events.

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