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What Is A BiPAP Machine?

Some patients who have been prescribed CPAP therapy may have difficulties tolerating it. Oftentimes, they experience difficulties breathing normally against their current pressure settings. If breathing becomes too difficult, the patient may require a BiPAP machine.

BiPAP, or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, therapy machine offers dual pressure settings. Offers two prescribed pressure levels – one for inhalation (IPAP) and a reduced pressure for exhalation (EPAP). These dynamic settings help patients move more air in and out of their lungs. 

The Bilevel machine’s inspiratory pressure makes breathing in easier while the expiratory pressure makes it easier to exhale. This is especially important when pressures are in the high teens or low twenties. Breathing against a pressure in those ranges can be very difficult. Pressure settings are determined by a sleep test and the BiPAP machine provider sets the pressure levels based upon the physician’s prescription.

About BiPAP Machines  – They Have Three Different Modes

Depending on the type of Bilevel machine, it may have up to three modes of operation. A Bilevel ST machine is the most advanced and acts similarly to a ventilator. It is used for more serious respiratory illnesses.

  • Spontaneous – switching between inspiratory and expiratory as the BiPAP machine senses the switch in breathing. (standard auto Bilevel)
  • Timed – switching between inspiratory and expiratory at a programmed rate to ensure the prescribed breaths per minute rate is maintained. (Bilevel ST)
  • Spontaneous/Timed – switches as it senses the change in breathing. Timed mode functions as a failsafe to ensure breathing at the required breathes per minute rate is maintained. (Bilevel ST)

Based on your sleep study, your physician will determine which mode your Bilevel machine should operate in.

Common Questions about BiPAP Machines

The following questions are frequently asked by people making a purchase of a BiPAP machine.

What is the Difference Between a BiPAP Machine and a CPAP Machine?

Some sleep apnea patients cannot tolerate CPAP machines. Patients who have difficulty with continuous flow pressure or even the auto adjust flow option may need the more advanced BiPAP technology. BiPAP provides more precise settings for both inhalation and exhalation, providing a more comfortable therapy experience. 

What Do CPAP Machines Offer? What Do BiPAP Machines Offer?
Fixed Continuous Flow Pressure Precise Pressure for Inhalation (ipap)
Auto-Adjusting Pressure Precise Pressure for Exhalation (epap)

What is the Cost of a BiPAP Machine?

A BiPAP machine is generally more expensive than a standard CPAP machine due to the technology within the machine. The BiPAP machine is a more complex and sophisticated machine which, in severe OSA cases, can actually assist the patient’s breathing. 

A BiPAP machine typically starts around $1000 and can rise as high as $5000 for the most sophisticated and essential machines.  Of course new technology is always being developed, so check our product pages for the most up-to-date pricing.

We carry BiPAP machines from all leading manufacturers including DeVilbiss, ResMed, and Respironics. In addition, you can earn rewards points on future purchases. Our experienced staff is available to chat or by phone (English or Spanish) to answer any questions BiPaP machines or sleep apnea therapy.

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