DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine

DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine Overview

Philips Respironics brings the revolutionary travel design of the DreamStation Go to a fixed pressure CPAP machine, taking fixed pressure CPAP therapy to a new level.

The machine features all the great travel upgrades that also come with the Auto Go:

DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine

  • Small, Light, Portable CPAP Travel Technology
  • Optional Rechargeable Battery
  • Optional Heated Humidifier
  • USB Port for Charging Mobile Devices
  • DreamMapper App compatible
  • Flex Technology for Exhale Comfort
  • Smart Ramp Feature
  • Optional Clam Shell Carry Bag Designed to Streamline Airport Screening
  • FAA Approved CPAP Travel Ready

Designed for Travel

The  DreamStation Go standard CPAP machine has 1/3 fewer parts to pack than comparable sized machines  By building the power pack into the machine, bulky extra parts are eliminated!     The DreamStation Go is designed for travel, and it meets FAA requirements for air travel. The machine can also be a full-time machine when users are not traveling because the Go was designed with comfort, convenience and ease of use in mind!

The fixed pressure DreamStation Go Travel CPAP machine comes with Philip’s new flexible 12mm tubing that not only is easy to pack but also has the added benefit of providing easy mobility while you sleep because it is less bulky.  In fact, compared to 22mm standard tubing, it is 58% smaller and still easily connects to any type of CPAP mask.  

Optional Rechargeable Battery and USB Port for Mobile Device Power from the PAP

Just like it’s Auto counterpart, the fixed pressure DreamStation Go Travel CPAP machine has a USB port, which allows users to charge mobile devices from their CPAP.  The Go also has an optional integrated, rechargeable battery that can deliver CPAP therapy for up to two nights at an average AHI setting of 10cm.


Optional Heated Humidifier

Finally, home humidification for your travel CPAP! Heated humidifiers are designed to add moisture to delivered air with the goal of improving comfort during therapy. With DreamStation Go's optional heated humidifier, you can use tap, bottle, or distilled water.

Comfort from Flex Technology

This small, lightweight, standard CPAP machine comes with Philips’ patented Flex technology.  This softens the transition from inhalation to exhalation by providing pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation.   Users can adjust the level of air pressure relief (on the exhale) between 1cm and 3cm.   This can make all the difference in comfortably being able to breathe out against a higher pressure setting.  

Smart Ramp Feature and the DreamMapper App
The fixed pressure Go allows users to adjust the smart ramp feature which makes it more comfortable to fall asleep at higher pressures.  The DreamStation Go Travel CPAP has the same touchscreen color display for ease and a “swipe and set” functionality.  Without any knobs, packing is simple.  In fact, putting the Go into the optional clamshell enables the unit to ease through airport security as easy as a smartphone.  

The Go also comes standard with altitude compensation, which comes in handy for users when staying at altitude. It stores breathing compliance data for a year on board the machine database and connects wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology) with the DreamMapper app, which offers support and therapy results on a cell phone.  If you own the standard DreamStation unit, both can be synced to provide consecutive data so gaps will not alter compliance results.   

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